February 14th, 2012 11:44 am

Romance or Romanza is to classical guitar what “Stairway to Heaven” is to classic rock or what “Autumn Leaves” is to jazz. It’s very recognizable and a lot of guitarists do it as their first classical piece.

“Romance” has two different sections. It starts out in E minor which has one sharp in the key signature. This is considered the easier part.The second section is in E major which has four sharps. Less use of open strings and more left hand stretches make this section more difficult.
Anyone using the tab to play this should refer to the corresponding notation above for suggested left hand fingering and where to bar. The “C” next to a roman numeral shows when and where to bar. For example, CVII means to bar your finger across the 7th fret. The dotted line that comes after shows how long to leave it there.
DC al fine means go back to the beginning (E minor section) and then end the piece when you get to the word “fine”.
The letters next to the notes indicate the right hand fingering. P = thumb, i = index, m = middle, and a = ring finger.
Maintain this pattern throughout the entire piece.
Click here to play “Romance”.

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