August 20th, 2012 11:13 pm

I recently began teaching a new student with really large hands. He came to his lesson with an electric guitar he recently purchased from a friend. Every time he tried to make a chord his left hand fingers would each cover two strings – whether he wanted to or not. It was impossible for him to precisely depress one string without hitting another.
So I let him try my nylon string guitar. Much better! Now he can precisely hit one string with his finger tip without muting or sounding any adjacent string.
Nylon string guitars which are usually classical guitars have, as a rule, much wider necks. A wider neck means wider string spacing making a less crowded situation for hands big and small. The neck on a classical guitar is flat across as opposed to having a radius. This also contributes to that wider feel.

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  1. paulElwood Says:

    excellent post. I like to switch between my acoustic and classical nylon-stringed guitar – it always seems easier to me to figure out more intricate fingerings on the classical guitar because I guess, more space to work with on the neck.

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