I provide lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced musicians. Guitar lessons for musicians of all levels and musical interests. Whether you’d like to learn a new tune or a technique, you’ve come to the right place. After 6 months of instruction. Beginning students typically learn basic theory, proper form, and the fundamentals of good musicianship- and they’ve begun to acquire what can be a life-long skill.

Intermediate students: Intermediate guitar students usually have a good grounding in the fundamentals, a direction they’d like to pursue and a genuine desire to improve their ability. Under John LaGreca’s guidance, students learn to fine-tune their skills and technique. They explore the connection between theory and the the tune.

Advanced Students:
Hone your skills under the tutelage of a working  musican.  Take what you already know and leverage your skill, knowledge and talent to produce really remarkable music!
John can take your playing to the next level – and beyond.

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Formal instruction, classical music, jazz basics.