John warming up the crowd for Carlos SantanaName a style of music and John has probably been part of a band that’s played it. Twenty-nine years of professional experience has created this talented performer and instrumentalist. Influenced at an early age, John grew up listening to opera and classical music playing throughout his house. However, John preferred the sounds of the Beatles, Credence Clearwater Revival, Cream, and the Doors. He spent four years trying to convince his parents that an electric guitar and rock-n-roll were the way to go. He finally got his way, and by the age of fourteen he was playing professionally in his first rock band. Along his musical journey John has played in bands whose styles include Disco, Jazz, and Dixieland. However, his greatest love is classical guitar. Beginning his classical studies at the age of twenty, he credits this type of music for his finger-styling proficiency. John has a deep appreciation for the instrument itself. He enjoys the unique sound of each guitar in his diverse collection, and values the ability they give to play music from all genres. Wanting to share his knowledge and love for music, John teaches all styles of guitar and performs as lead guitarist in Front Porch Swing.